Use of Robots to Clean Ponds and Lakes

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Water is one of the world’s most important natural resources. It is an essential

part of life because it not only sustains life but it harbors many forms of it as well.

Therefore, it would be in one’s best interest to make sure this source does not become

contaminated and make it useless and harmful. There are several different organisms and

chemicals that can be produced that will harm other, and bigger, organisms.

A major component of the chemicals and organisms that emerge from contaminated

waters is nitrogen. Several organisms play different roles in the nitrogen cycle. The

nitrogen cycle occurs in bodies of water especially in those that have the necessary and

beneficial bacteria that break down any waste into nitrates that can be consumed by many

organisms. There are other harmful bacteria, however, that are denitrifying bacteria that

reduce nitrate into gaseous nitrogen that is not helpful to any organisms. The denitrifying

bacteria turn helpful nitrates into harmful ammonia and nitrites. Ammonia, which is a

form of nitrogen, harms organisms such as fish. Ammonia is also a major contributor to

prolific algae growth. Algae is a unicellular organism that grows off of a great supply of

water, light, and nutrients that can be found in bodies of water such as ponds. These

components come from the sun, the water, and nutrients that can be found in fish and

plant waste, minerals in the soil, etc.

Another harmful bacteria that is produced in stagnant water is purple sulfur bacteria that

use hydrogen sulfide that ultimately produces sulfur. This can be oxidized into sulfuric

acid. Sulfuric acid is a very strong mineral acid and a constituent of acid rain. Sulfuric

acid is a very harmful substance to...

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