Use of Anabolic Steroids by Athletes

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Within every gym and athletic practice across the United States there are secrets. These secrets are kept by public gyms, membership health clubs and even high school sports. This secret is killing our youth and disrupting the sportsmanship of not only the United States, but also on an international level. What I am referring to is the use of anabolic steroids. This epidemic is spreading through our country like a wildfire. It is going unnoticed and misunderstood. Even our government has not found the money the man power or the time to deal with this killer. It can be bought wherever pleasure or illicit drugs can be found. The people who push these drugs are usually the people teenagers look up to. The drug pushers are the kids teachers, coaches and even their parents. It seems to me that if a parent pushes steroids on their children that they are not living in reality. They are probably living the lives they never had through their children. When the children do not live up to the parents expectations the parents push the drugs to make the children the best they can be even if it kills him. It is a shame to see that the parents are living their dreams through their kids and killing them in the process. Along with the parents and the coaches, another big contributor to steroid use among teenagers are everyday sports heroes. If a professional sports figure is busted using any drug he should be banned from all competition and be forced to teach or attend classes that show what the drug does to your body and mind. Right now it seems that all professional figures caught using and abusing are given a slap on the wrist and a pathetic fine then sent on their way. They reap the benefits of being a sports figure and yet they are giving the youth of America the impression that drugs are good. In layman terms, they are killing our youth. They trick them into believing that drug abuse is ok, and that whatever enhances your abilities, should be used or taken. What the professionals do not tell you is what they go through off the field. The public does not see all the suffering and side effects the user goes through off the playing field. The public just sees the athletes playing at amazingly high levels and getting paid a lot of money for their so called talent.
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