Unscientific Methods Essay

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RESEARCH “The systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.” Google “Research is to purposely and methodically search for new knowledge and practical solutions in the form of answers to questions formulated beforehand.” Hanze Research: university of applied sciences In other words research is to investigate about something or research is an expression that covers any kind of studies designed to find answers to the questions by means of an organized and scientific approach. Research takes place when there will be an objective. UNSCIENTIFIC METHODS OF RESEARCH Unscientific methods are those that are not done in a way that agrees with the methods of science. Unscientific methods are irrational and illogical. The apparent difference from scientific method that is a continuous process of observation, improvement and refinement, the unscientific method is only involved in exploring until an adequate answer has got, at that point it ends. Regardless of the fact that an alikeness to the scientific method at first glimpse, it is just a despairing effort to seek for some kind of sustenance for prevailing views and beliefs.  Tenacity  Intuition  Authority  Rationalistic method  Empirical method TENACITY People at times adhere to beliefs although there is an absence of supportive substantiation. Our fantasies and misconceptions are worthy examples of the approaches to gain knowledge that is known as tenacity. This method of gaining knowledge is not logical not empirical. For example a man who has believed that black cats are sign of bad fortune is a superstition. If one holds persistently to one’s opinions or beliefs, regardless of the fact that casts suspicion o... ... middle of paper ... ... inspiration to evoke. The usage of this data is highly dependent on the variety of approaches of gaining knowledge and information as long as one is attentive to the limitations of trusting too much on that method. Empirical assessments are frequently established on realistic interpretations. It is empirical source of knowledge but not logical. CONCLUSION Research is something done to gain facts and to increase knowledge. There are two methods through which research can be done either scientific or unscientific methods. Unscientific methods are those that do not involve any scientific processes. Unscientific methods include traditions, superstitions, and beliefs, watching others, by gaining knowledge through some authority and observations and experiences. These methods are illogical and less valuable but without these methods research cannot be completed properly.
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