Unitedhealth Group Case Study

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Healthcare organizations are continually striving to meet the health care needs of those they serve. According to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), “successful health and health care systems of the future will be those that can simultaneously deliver excellent quality of care, at optimized costs, while improving the health of their population.” (2015, para 2.). The purpose of this paper will be to explore how UnitedHealth Group is striving to for improved patient outcomes and satisfaction. Their dedication to innovation and resource management, strong and promotion of nursing excellence United Health Group can change the needs of the healthcare landscape. UnitedHealth Group In 1974, Dr. Paul Ellwood realized his concept of a new type of health care organization. Charter Med Incorporated was one the first health maintenance organizations (HMO) bringing together core principles of evidence-based practice combined and sound business practices. In 1977, he and Dr. Richard Burke incorporated the HMO establishing UnitedHealth Care Corporation in the city of Minnetonka, Minnesota (UNH, n.d.). Over the next 40 years, UnitedHealth Care Corporation has continued to expand through a variety…show more content…
Through the exploration of new technology, building relationships with partners and organization expansion, UNH has proven itself as a leader in the industry. As the nation’s largest health insurer, the UNH’s provider network includes approximately 850,000 doctors and 6,100 hospitals (2014). UNH continues to prosper through expanding services areas and diverse product offerings. Successful programs such as the UnitedHealthcare Marketplace, NOT ME, diabetic prevention program and innovative predictive modeling used to analyzes encounter and claims data to plan initiatives, were implemented in 2014 to improve healthcare outcomes. (Hoovers,

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