United Nations Entity For Gender Equality

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Gender discrimination is the prejudice against one’s gender rather than considering their qualifications. As the values of people’s rights are progressively acknowledged and gender discrimination poses serious problems to their rights, people become more inclined to resolving the issue of gender discrimination. Sexism is an oppression forming based on an individual’s education background, and such beliefs are entrenched in the mindset of people’s in patriarchal driven society. Those beliefs make up a complex issue that still exists evidently in every society.
Therefore, there are numerous organizations worldwide that have been making efforts to prevent the occurrence of such discrimination. For instance, the United Nations Entity for Gender
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Through the different approaches to the issue of gender equality, both stakeholders should consider mitigating the severity of gender discrimination by disregarding gender-based expectations on men and women, and promoting both genders’ participation in the society equally.
On one hand, UN Women is an influential organization that makes considerable contributions to eliminating discrimination against women and empowering the rights of women.
UN Women establishes three main missions for the purpose of meeting the needs of women nationwide. The first goal is to provide “support for inter-governmental organizations in their formulation of policies, global standards and norms”. Secondly, the organization works alongside with Member States to “implement these standards while readily supplying suitable technical and financial support to those countries in need, and to effectively corporate with civil society”. The last mission is to lead the UN system’s work on gender equality and promote accountability (“About UN Women”). According to Joseph Barnes, “UN Women programs have largely been successful in delivering activities and outputs, despite very constrained and
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Therefore, the use of name-blind applications would provide more opportunities for the employers to rationally evaluate the applicants’ skills and abilities without involving gender, ethnicity, education background, etc. (McCann). The proposal of the Prime Minister proves that gender-based expectations are an inevitable barrier that prevents the society from obtaining gender equality.
Viewing the matter from the same perspective as the Prime Minister, it discloses how the elimination of such expectations will promote gender equality and improve future outcomes. In addition to the prevention, both stakeholders should also cooperate with each other and educate young people to go for future-oriented occupation regardless of their genders and encourage the public to become more opening towards one gender involving in the traditional roles of another gender. Given the repercussions of gender discrimination on human rights, both stakeholders are in need to overcome their differences in the concentration of their missions and their priorities towards audience of different genders. With the analysis of their conflicts, UN Women
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