Understanding School Psychologist and what They Do

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In today’s society, students are struggling in and out of the classroom. Some may be slower than others, or some may not understand what is going on at all. They say it’s the teachers and parents job to make sure the student is getting the help they need if they are having trouble. But sometimes the student may need more than just help to find out what they are really struggling with. That’s where the school psychologist comes in. To be able to understand school psychologists and what they do, the aspects involve what school psychologists do in everyday life, the education and licensing requirements, and what drives one to thrive in this field. School psychologists are there to help the students in need and help teachers and parents with strategies to assist the students.
School psychologists are using a technique called reform or restructuring, which is assisting the students to become better learners. According to the book Collaborative Consultation in the Schools, a school consultation is a process for providing psychological and educational services in which a specialist (consultant) works cooperatively with a staff member (consultee) to improve the learning and adjustment of a student (client) or group of students. Their goals and objectives can help give direction to the ways they can be of assistance to teachers in terms of methods, curriculum reinforcement systems, parental support, and classroom management issues. Although the teachers are at the center of the debate over how much weight should be given to student achievement within a performance assessment and what measures or indicators best represent student growth, the school psychologist and other related services personnel recognize that they will soon be compell...

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