Understanding And Unraveling A Concept Of Your Transformation One

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“Transformation, as Marines define it, is the ongoing, dynamic process that begins with the prospective Marine’s first contact with their Recruiter and continues through the Marines entire life.” (MCRP 6-11D pg. 2-2). Unconsciously and without aid of knowing, your are shaping and molding your transformation when you sit and pick out those specific number of cards laid out in front of you, which should reflect reasons as to what independent variables are driving you to enlist in the Marine Corps, or which cards you generally know for certain captivates your motives in which fuels your desire to enlist. Like an unearthed tree, your roots you grow through knowledge and training from leadership, thriving through each rank dictates the way you support yourself and how you are perceived by others whether they be leadership, peers, competition, and or chain of command. In chapter 2 it is said in regards to understanding and unraveling a concept of your transformation one must realize and recognize that there are five different categories or five distinct phases to endure. These 5 distinct phases are as follows; “recruitment, recruit training, cohesion, sustainment, and citizenship.” (MCRP 6-11 pg. 2-1). These phases though they cover different timelines of one’s career path are very much indeed linked to one another someway and somehow. Like any type of study when trying to single out between individuals understanding the comparisons underlying their decision-making it is hard to hack or “codify.” For this sole fact you have to blame internal and external private yet uniquely structured perspectives following each Marines dilemma. “It is important to recognize that the success of each individuals transformation phase positively impact... ... middle of paper ... .... Once introduced to civilian side of society one will not be remembered individually, but will be judged in whole as representative of Marine Corps. Furthermore besides the fact that there are five distinct phases of transformation, there are also four pillars that contribute to the foundation in creating a Marine’s transformation. These pillars are education, NCO development, ownership and acceptance, and establishment and maintenance of standards. To fully evolve a Marine and advance themselves within the Corps one must be in good standards and have an effectively function leadership that is willing to help out subordinates to progress through ranks. Not only does one need to have an effectively leadership but a Marine must also be willing to progress self while simultaneously and constantly maintaining bearing while doing what is right and needed at all times.

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