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This man had the worse disease of his day. Leprosy. It would rot the body from the outside inward. It distorted the body to a state of gruesome decay, decay that consumed the body, even before death. Those who had it, saw their skin as it would disintegrate. Those who way them trembled in disgust and fear. Their fingers and toes would rot off before their very eyes. The disease could effect the face, the back. It was dreaded and it was a killer. There was no way to hide it’s presence. It was evident to all who were around. The victims of this disease were cast out away from the public. Secluded from family and society. Forced to wear bells and call out “Unclean! Unclean!” as they were faced others. God himself had mandated in Levitical Law that those with a skin disease would be excluded from the community (Levicticus 14:46-46). There was no hiding from the reality of the state in which they existed. They were broken, sick, decayed, ill, weak and dying. They had received a death sentence by contracting a common disease. A disease that found them. They hadn’t searched it out. In fact, they had tried to avoid it. The disease had found him, he was a victim to this pathogen and it effected his life. Leprosy is a physically evident disease. There is no denying it’s impact on the body. It’s ugly, it’s painful and it causes death. This leper had heard of a man that would heal disease. He had been traveling through the land drawing great crowds. Crowds of common people. Crowds who brought their sick and lame to be healed. A man that could renew the lives and health of others. A man that was speaking about life in ways that had never been spoken before. A man that was speaking about God as no other man had spoken of Him. A man that he... ... middle of paper ... ...ple...”If.” Seems small enough. Think about this word for a just a moment. Use it in a sentence. “If....” “If,” is a conjunction. It used in statements that have a contingency. You cannot use the word in a sentence that allows the word to mean anything else other than exactly what it was meant for. (You can’t say that about any of the other four letter words I was alluding to before!) A two letter word trumps all the four letter words I can think of. It’s my story. It’s probably your story too. These stories of these unnamed people could be the story of anyone. They had heard others talk about this man named Jesus. Jesus the great speaker, Jesus the man who could drive our evil spirits. Jesus the man who could heal disease. Which story do you think this leper, this bleeder, this deomoniac, mother, wife, daughter, son, husband, father or friend was interested in?
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