Unbderage Drinking

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Is Underage Drinking a Big Issue in the United States? Teenagers rarely think before they do many things. Many times teenagers go to big blowouts or little get together with their friends. Their first thought is not about death, their grades, or alcoholism; their main purpose is to get drunk fast and sober up before going home by their set curfews. Each year most teen deaths have been caused from underage drinking in the United States, which is a big topic that the government is trying to prevent from happening. The government has set the drinking age to 21 but how are teens getting there alcohol? Teens are using fake Id’s to get their alcohol or even asking adults to purchase it for them, because of this, underage drinking has become a big issue in the United States. The age when young people are taking their first drink is becoming lower each year. Many studies report that preteens are experimenting with alcohol and many are already heavy drinkers. Three of every ten junior and senior high school student can be defined as problem drinkers (Peacock 63). It may be difficult for parents and teachers to believe that a seventh-grade student can have an alcohol problem, but a study of student drinking practices shows that 5% of seventh-grade boys and 4.4% of seventh-grade girls are seriously abusing alcohol (Peacock 65). The largest increase in drinking for boys occurs between 7th and 8th grade. For girls: between 8th and 9th grade (Bender 49). Nearly 28% of all high school stu...
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