Alcohol And Youth Essay

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Alcohol consumption can have a dramatic impact on youth's social, mental and physical health. Each drink a youth has, impacts on their physical health. Alcohol has an affect on nearly all parts of the body. Youth's organs are vitally affected from alcohol, if a regular high level drinker, your body may result in fatty liver which can affect your liver function. If heavy amounts of alcohol are consumed, the liver may become inflamed, this is one of the leading causes of alcoholic hepatitis or permanent liver scarring (Cirrhosis).
The brain is also affected by alcohol. Alcohol slows down the central nervous system which is connected to your blood cells, so this can affect the body's cells and systems. Using alcohol inappropriately can lead to brain impairment or brain related injuries.

Youth's social health is also affected by alcohol, but this can be both positive and negative. An example of some positive effects are making new friends, getting out more and going to parties, the negative etffects may be conflict with your family or even conflict in your friendship group as they may...
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