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What is it like to be a Marine? Joining the United States Marine Corps is great career and life choice. They have many roles to play in the fields of ground, aviation, logistics and command combat! You can also get many benefits such as housing, good salary and depending on your ASVAB score a good job choice. But the one factor that keeps the Marines staying strong and proud is Brotherhood, nothing can break that bond.
If you like the thought of driving tanks and shooting an assault rifle, rocket launcher and even a sniper, then Ground Combat is the field for you or how about flying in which Aviation. Ground Combat conducts land based operations, including offensive, defensive, humanitarian, reconnaissance and security operations ( Marines and officers are chosen for their M.O.S and will become highly skilled in the art of land warfare. The Positions can range from Rifleman to Field Artillery Cannoneer to s Tank Crewman. As a ground combat specialist you are the first to go into battle! As someone who M.O.S is aviation you will have to get use to team work, without it your aircraft can't run properly. As an enlisted your job ranges from Aircrew to Air Traffic Control to Avionics, etc. Meanwhile an officer's job can be a Pilot, Air Defense Officer, Naval Flight Officer, etc. This field is what makes the Marine Corps an efficient force today working together as a single cohesive force.
If you are in Logistics Combat you are the backbone of the corps. Jobs such as Communication, Supply, Motor Transport, etc. You can even get an extreme job like Ordinance/Ammunition & Explosive Ordnance Disposal. Although the officers' jobs are Combat Engineer, Human Source Intelligence, Military Police, etc. What would the corps be wi...

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...rall becoming a Marine is a great life choice in the Armed Forces. The motto of this great brotherhood is “Semper Fidelis (Semper Fi for short)” which means “Always Faithful” in Latin. Becoming a Devil Dog is the hardest part, but in the end it pays off. You will change from a civilian to a US Elite Warrior driven with a purpose to not only protect their own but to protect their Country. So do you have what it takes to become a Marine?

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