U.S. and China Relations

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The relations between the United States and China have grown dramatically since Nixon's visit in 1972. Nixon's visit got the Chinese and the US back as friends, instead of being against each other because of their government differences. This relationship has been very shaky ever since the nations have been dealing with each other. First, they were on good terms in the late seventeen hundreds. They traded with each other quite often, and American businessmen went over to start businesses in China, which helped out the economy a lot.

When the Gold Rush started, there was a really bad disease that had gone all over southeast China. This made many Chinese leave in hopes of striking gold and becoming rich in America, although almost all of them did not. Since they did not find gold, they were forced to take on jobs, which were hard work and low pay since they were immigrants. Most of them worked on the railroads because "the Gold Rush had fueled the demand for rail lines to link the east and west coasts of North America."

When America hit economic decline, many Americans lost their jobs because their employer could not afford to handle as many people with less money. This made the Americans compete for jobs that the Chinese had. Of course the employer of the Chinese would be American, so he would hire Americans instead of Chinese.

Eventually, Congress passed an act called the Chinese Exclusion Act, which said that no more Chinese could come to the United States. This act was passed to try to help protect American jobs, but the Chinese hated it and took it as an insult to their culture and people. It was lifted in 1965.

This was one of a few things that made China mad, but probably the biggest thing th...

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