Types Of Rape

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According to the Department of Justice National Crime survey, every 2 minutes someone is raped or sexually assaulted in the U.S. Just March 16, 2013, two high school football players were convicted of rape. One offender asserted” I just needed some sexual attention,” and the girl was too drunk to answer, but did this give them permission to have sex with the girl without her permission? Emphatically no, even though the offender will say the victim gave them a reason under no circumstances does anyone deserves to be assaulted.
Types of Rape
There are approximately 9 types of rapes which include: date, gang, spousal, children, marital, statutory, prison, war deception, and corrective rape. Date rape is an act of rape committed against somebody during or after a date. While gang rape is the rape of one person by several people in succession and spousal rape is relating to a husband or wife. Under U.S. law, the offense of having sexual relations with somebody who has not reached the legal age of consent is statutory rape. “War rapes are rapes committed by soldiers,
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At least 93% of children know their attacker, and 58.7% of them are acquaintances. To cope with sexual assault, children who are under the age of 18 may turn to drugs or alcohol, which may change who that child once was. For example, they give up past hobbies and activities, show aggressiveness, irritability, depression, or hopelessness. According to RAINN(Rape, Abuse,& Incest National Network)” When compared to non-victims, rape survivors are 3.4 times more likely to use marijuana, 6 times more likely to use cocaine, and 120 times more likely to use other major drugs.” All in all, the effects of a child being raped can both be short and long term.

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