Two-Way Billingual Immersion Programs Create Higher-Achieving Students

Two-way bilingual immersion programs not only create higher achieving students, but also more equipped and confident students. Academically, TWBI students receive higher grades because of the curriculum. Furthermore, 87% to 93% of past TWBI students stated they would not drop out (Lindholm-Leary). Indeed, the knowledge gained allows students to become more resilient, adapting to the new language; independent, figuring out the language themselves; and confident, taking pride in bilingualism. The TWBI program not only teaches another language, but also another culture. One of the programs goals gears students toward culture awareness by exposing other countries’ custom through songs, dances, and holidays. With this education upon the student’s back, they may successful vie for a spot in the competitive global economy. TWBI students have the advantage to business jobs all across the world because they can speak two languages, and because their knowledge helps create a more flexible and resourceful worker the students can identify and solve problems faster. The United States’ government may also take advantage of the students’ bilingualism for national security issues, diplomacy, and other global government programs. Students also benefit in the science world when research takes them all around the world, giving them more countries as options. And students simply going to other countries to test their skills and fully immerse themselves in culture gain experience, knowledge, and memories. Bilingualism opens many doors of opportunity and benefits, not only to the individual but also the country.

With more and more two-way bilingual immersion schools opening, the rest of the United States should follow suit, basing their programs of...

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...ent needs to remain patient, and let the programs teach their children.

America’s education system attracts a lot of attention these days as critics blame our shortcomings on students lacking the skills and knowledge to be successful in a changing world with a intertwined global economy. The sooner America recognizes the need to shift to a two-way immersion program, emphasizing learning English and another language, the better off students will be in competing for jobs and for creating a more secure future. Two-way immersion provides academic and neurological growth; it creates opportunities for jobs; and it fosters confidence to play a significant role in today’s global economy. Perhaps, America needs to take a fresh look at the country to recognize as Columbus must have many years ago, “Esta tierra es muy prometedor.” - “this land holds great promise.”
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