Truman’s Policy of Containment: As related to the Individual and Society

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Truman’s Policy of Containment: As related to the Individual and Society Containment in foreign policy is known as the strategy suggested by George Kennan to prevent Soviet expansionism by exerting counter pressure along Soviet borders. The Truman Doctrine was the name given to a speech President Truman delivered to a joint session of Congress on March 12, 1947, in which he proclaimed a new policy and role for the United States in global affairs. Specifically, the president sought $400 million in economic and military assistance for Greece and Turkey, two strategic Mediterranean countries threatened by subversive forces supported by the Soviet Union, after the British said a month earlier that they could no longer provide the needed support. To justify aid for Greece and Turkey to a skeptical Congress, Truman placed the situation in the context of broader changes that he saw taking place in global politics. Truman felt that the peoples of a number of countries had totalitarian regimes forced upon them against their will. At the time the United States had made frequent protests against coercion and intimidation, in violation of the Yalta agreement, in Poland, Rumania, and Bulgaria, but those protests proved insufficient. Truman declared that the United States must now be willing “to help free peoples to maintain their free institutions and their national integrity against aggressive movements that seek to impose upon them totalitarian regimes.” The sweeping language of the speech and the worldwide commitment to assist any state threatened by totalitarianism gained it the status of a “doctrine” and a lasting policy for the United States. The speech became a declaration of Cold War. The issue was begin... ... middle of paper ... ...hat they wanted to unlike the way it under a communist regime. As related to the humanities based theme of the individual and society Truman and his policy of containment helped improve the way we look at life and the status of the world at the time and now. Bibliography: - A Report to the National Security Council, April 14, 1950, p. 5. - Congressional Record, vol. 93, pt. 2, March 12, 1947, pp. 1980-81. - The Parenthetical Passages from Mr. X [George Kennan], “The Sources of Soviet Conduct,” Foreign Affairs (July 1947), pp. 566-82. - Kagan, Donald. The Western Heritage, 6th edition. pp. 1075-77. - Mansbach, Richard. The Global Puzzle. pp. 112-13. - 5 Apr. 1999. (20 Apr. 1999). - 31 Mar. 1999. (20 Apr. 1999).

In this essay, the author

  • Explains truman's policy of containment, a strategy suggested by george kennan to prevent soviet expansionism by exerting counter pressure along soviet borders.
  • Analyzes how truman justified aid for greece and turkey to a skeptical congress. he placed the situation in the context of broader changes in global politics.
  • Describes how george f. kennan, author of the long telegram, outlined a policy of containment against the soviet union.
  • Explains that the united states made global alliance commitments, including the inter-american treaty of reciprocal assistance (rio) with twenty-one western hemisphere nations in 1947, the north atlantic treaty with twelve (later fifteen) european states in 1949, and the southeast asia treaties organization with countries within and outside the region in 1954.
  • Explains the marshall plan, which gave american aid to greece and turkey.
  • Explains that the marshall plan was successful in restoring prosperity to western europe and in creating postwar economic growth. the strong christian democratic movement also kept communist influence at bay outside the soviet sphere in eastern europe.
  • Explains that the soviets' determination to control eastern europe had historical and ideological roots. they used their eastern european states as a buffer zone against future invasions.
  • Explains that truman and many other important political leaders helped improve the human condition and prevented the spread of communism to european countries.
  • Cites congressional record, the parenthetical passages from mr. x, kagan, donald, mansbach, richard, and the global puzzle.
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