Troubled Bruno in The Hostage

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The Hostage

A hostage inside himself, and troubled soul that has had very many bad influences in his life. Bruno, a boy, makes many mistakes and has had very many tragic instances like his father dieing, and nothing will, and can go right for him. As the reader will find out is he is very quiet and has a large stature that was feared by many, and has a lot of things that trouble him. Bruno goes though a tough time and bad situations that help influence his actions, feelings, and words, though his life, and holds him hostage within himself.

Bruno was very built and had a very large physique, which people found threatening and scary. He looked much older than even one as if he was in junior high. His hair was sleeked back and was very dark and oily with a large neck and shoulders. Even though he had this big overpowering body he let it be known to every one with the cloths he wore. He showed he was tuff, and muscular though those cloths. Bruno also had a scare one his forehead that rumors say he got when a pot of boiling water in a pan hit him. They think he may have pulled it and it fell or his mom dropped it. Through this large stature one might see how he was probably made fun of and harassed.” He spoke English with a strong accent, musical, yet people mocked him and embarrassed him silently”(1201). Written by Joyce Carol Oates the write of the Hostage. This lowered his self a steam that he held in anger and used it to hold himself hostage with in.

Other people in Bruno’s class were scared of him and though being scared they respected him. Because he had this kind of scared respect for him he was voted class president and was left alone. People stopped seeing him at school for a while and soon found out that his dad died. He was killed in the mafia, which affected him strongly. When he came back no one said anything and at this time he really need some one to talk too. But no one did because they were scare of him. The only person that came was the narrator was the only person who even came up to him and he did not even let her say it. But she could tell that he really enjoy her even coming up to him to attempt to talk to him.

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