Labeling Theory Of Drug Treatment

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There are many possible theories that can pertain to the idea and concept of drug treatment programs. The first theory that applies to effective drug treatment is the labeling theory. The labeling theory suggest that self identity and behavior of an individual is may be determined by how others classify or describe them. Drug use had a stigma that follows it. If you are doing drugs, you are considered a junkie, drunk, crack whore etc. When you are labeled you tend to believe and act in that way. The person takes on the identity of what others are labeling them. When building these programs, the stigma and labeling has to be eliminated. These patients like any other are looking for help and want to improve their lives. Labeling them will only…show more content…
The disease theory suggests that drug use is a medical problem and should be viewed as a medical treatment process as opposed to a weak moral character or an excuse for bad behavior. Drugs do a lot of damage to your body and your brain. It alters yours state of mind and has visible affects on your brain and body. When there are changes in your brain, the brain does not function as it did before. The person is not able to make an educated decision for themselves in their state of mind. When this is the case, the person needs helps and needs to be seen as a patient as opposed to blaming moral character. When you put this into a medical perspective, the patient can look at it like there is an end to the bad. They feel as though there is help and there are other people that are receiving this treatment that need it. There are people that understand why they may be doing what they are doing and they are there to help no matter the issue. (404…show more content…
They talk about people that overdose or the spike in numbers for drugs such as cocaine and heroin. One thing you don't really hear much about is how we are going to fix this problem. In recent news though, daily published a story that talked about why rehab isn't working for the majority of patients that go in and how at this this point, it is an apparent waste of money. Christopher Moraff states that 30% of the patients that enter rehab, recover. He also states this number is not too trustworthy. He goes onto say that even if it is the case that 30% of patients recover, why are the other 70% not getting anywhere? There have been so many people in rehab many times that have failed to recover time after time. He sees a problem with this. He states that the idea of rehab is right, but the way it is being executed is not correct. There should be a higher completion and recovery rate with the amount of money that is being putting into rehab programs. If the money were allocated better and patients were provided with the proper care and programs that would help them succeed, the numbers would be much higher and more people would seek out treatment. No one wants to go through he same exact thing 4 times and still not come out successful. He states that there needs to be tighter regulations on rehab treatment programs and there needs to be more engaging things for the patients to do that

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