Trapped 2: Stuck in Space

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It is good to be back in real life. If you don’t remember, Akshat, Samik, and I just eliminated Herobrine, and now we are back from our adventure in Minecraft. Akshat is my little brother, and Samik is our best friend, if you don’t remember. We got our own planes from minecraft, but we have no idea where we are. Right now, we are trying to find our way back home. Our maps are working, and so are our planes, but I’m not sure whether we have enough fuel to reach our destination. Let me check. Ok; so I have 6000 lbs of fuel for each engine, Samik has 5000 lbs for each engine, and Akshat has 7000 lbs for each engine. I guess we all can make it, depending on how far it is and how much the planes weigh right now.

Hmmm… Why can’t ATC (Air Traffic Control) communicate with us? This is interesting… Uh… How do I fix this? At least I can talk to Samik and Akshat. Let me ask them. Ok, tuning into 200 Mhz.

“Samik? Akshat? Can you hear me?” *static* “SAMIK! AKSHAT! CAN YOU HEAR ME!!!”
“Yeah Anugraha. We can hear you. Well, at least I can hear you. Please just stop screaming in my ears.” replied Akshat.

“Akshat, I can hear him too. I’m not stupid.” complained Samik.

“Ok. At least we can hear each other and our planes are working fine.” I replied.
“Wait. What is that? Is that a… satellite?” I asked in astonishment. What is a satellite doing all the way down here? Wait, but if the satellite is in the the Earth’s atmosphere, it would be moving at an incredibly fast speed towards the ground. So does that mean… That we are… In space? That’s it. I’m telling Samik and Akshat.
“SAMIK! AKSHAT! We are IN SPACE!!!” I panicked.

“Anugraha. Stop trying to scare us.” Samik denied on his plane.

I just have no idea how we are breathing, how ...

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...l on the beach and relaxing ourselves. I am swimming near the shore, and-woah; a wave, a big wave. Jump! Whoo! I like this so much! Akshat is running around, playing with the sand; and may I add: playing Terraria on his laptop? They both are addicted to that game. I don’t like it when they just play Terraria; they should actually play in the sand. Let me go talk to them.
“Are you seriously playing Terraria? Out of all things we can do right now, you play Terraria? Come on and play in the waves.” I commanded.
“Oh fine, I will play in the waves.” Akshat mumbled. I laughed at his lack of enthusiasm. He kicked me in the shin. I’m still laughing. This is fun. A lot more fun than playing on the laptop. Hopefully we get more memories like this. Samik is also in the waves. Ah, this is perfect. I wonder what that thing in space even was… Whatever it is, it is still out there…
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