Transcendentalism : Henry David Thoreau And Chris Mccandless

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People in modern day society should learn from past transcendentalists and engage in the concept of solitude. Henry David Thoreau and Chris McCandless were both transcendentalists that believed in the key fundamental idea of solitude. Henry Thoreau was a transcendentalist that practiced the form of solitude throughout his life. Later in his life, he left society and moved into woods to be alone. Henry David Thoreau wrote a book called, Walden where he recalled important lessons and ideas that his master Ralph Waldo Emerson taught him about transcendentalism. Along with Thoreau, a more modern-day transcendentalist was known as Chris McCandless. McCandless journeyed to the wilderness in Alaska to be able to experience a minimal amount of human interaction along with the solitude that came with it. A book was written about Chris McCandless’ life, by Jon Krakauer called Into The Wild. The concept of solitude should be practiced because it can create happiness and help understand one's true self. Henry David Thoreau secluded alone distant from the rest of society lived his life finding the meaning of solitude. As he broke his ties with humanity and the social connections that came with it he lived his life experiencing the beautiful sensation of isolationism and the comfort of himself. Henry David Thoreau lived on a prairie where he was left in solitude for most of his residence. The closest neighbor that he experienced was a mile away with no one or no person in sight. With his solitude strongly in place, his view consisted of hilltops and a horizon filled with scenic woods that belongs to him. Thoreau loved the feeling of being alone. His perspective on the concept of solitude was deeply ingrained in himself and an essential part of ... ... middle of paper ... ...the life of solitude and be left with your of devices of the mind. With Henry David Thoreau and Chris McCandless living their lives in solitude away from civilization, they were able to fully practice their idea of isolationism and in their own way achieve happiness. Henry David Thoreau was able to obtain a personal connection with himself that he was not able to attain before he started the practice of solitude. Chris McCandless was able to find joy by escaping the harsh set of rules that our society puts on people. By partaking in solitude I was able to experience the happiness and thrill of what I loved. In addition, the happiness that I experienced by myself was far more joyous than I would have felt by spending time with people. As solitude could be understood in different perspectives I was able to perceive it as a realization of happiness in everyday life.
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