Too much or too little?

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Children in today’s society complain how much homework they are getting or the parents complain that their children are getting too little amounts of homework or they both complain that it is just busy work. Students and parents, as well as teachers complain about the amount and quality of homework. Homework is be beneficial to students if it furthers their education yet it also gives them stress and puts them under pressure if the amount is too overwhelming and if the content is not helpful. Homework can be debatable on too much homework, too little homework or is homework is just assigned as busy work. Many teachers and parents are debating on whether to put a limit on how much or how little homework a student is able to receive per night.
Almost every student complains about having too much homework being assigned every night. They complain about getting stressed out, having anxiety about upcoming assignments that are due, not being able to do extracurricular activities, etc. “Kids are tired after that and need to unwind and engage in nonacademic activities – many of which are just as valuable in creating a well-rounded person as academics are” says Lisa Morguess, interviewed by CNN. “If a child is struggling, homework is not the key to improvement” said elementary school principal, Dr. Tish Howard. Many students do not have parents at home that understand the subject and can help them with the homework therefore putting more stress on the student. When kids are given homework, it most likely does not help them get a better education or help them do better on standardized tests. It can cause boredom, sleep deprivation and stress. When teachers assign homework, their goal is to get students to understand and learn t...

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...stress for the students, less grading for the teachers to do and it also helps the students focus both on in-school studies, homework and circular activities outside of school without feeling overwhelmed.
Putting limits on how much or how little teachers can assign homework can make a huge difference in many people’s lives. If teachers decide to provide a decent amount of homework to the student it needs to be helpful and valuable. Too much or too little homework can both be bad while the quality of the homework needs to be sufficient for the education. It is very important that something is done about this because this problem can sometimes cause sleep deprivation, anxiety, depression, etc. Hopefully in the future the school boards can carry out a plan to put a limit on homework. If this occurs, the impact would affect a large amount of people in this society.
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