Too Many Laws, Too Many Prisoners, By The Economists

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In the article written by The Economists titled “Too many laws, too many prisoners” it talks about the prison system today and the flaws the system contains. Personally I do not believe prisons help those who commit crimes 100 percent. Yes, it allows them to think about what they have done and go back and question that decision. But people are not always sorry for what they have done and would do it again. Allowing them this time to do nothing is not good for the American society as a whole. By having so many people locked up it creates an unequal balance of society. In the article it states “Between 2.3 and 2.4M Americans are behind bars…. 1 and every 100 adults” To me this statistic explains a great deal of what is wrong with our economy;…show more content…
Criminologists say basically too many people are away for too long, the system is unpredictable, and laws are not written clearly, and it criminalizes acts that should not be criminalized. When reading this I wondered why these problems are not fixed; if those who are criminologists see a problem with something that they know very well and study something needs to be changed in the system. Everything stated by the criminologists I believe is true people are being put in jail for a very extensive time that does not fit the crime. Such as the case of Mr. Norris the man who sold flowers, he could have gotten a potential of 10 years because some of his paperwork was not correct. To think a man would lose 10 years of life because of a piece of paper truly shows the problem with the justice system. I also did not like how he was housed with others whose crimes were far worse than his he could have been harmed. The second problem about laws not being written clearly is a huge issue because it leaves room for generalization and every case is different. A judge should view these things case by case rather than attempting to generalize them because the law says they have to have a minimum amount of years. The lasts problem that criminologists identified that made me really reflect and think were how laws that are criminalized should not be because that is true some things are not serious enough to
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