Three Novels and The Effect They Had on Me

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For many people, literature provides a different way of seeing the world and of thinking about our own lives as we vicariously experience the lives of other people through the reading experience. After reading these three novels, there are many things I have learned from them and I can strongly relate to many aspects of these novels using my personal life. Many things that happen throughout the life of a person can ironically be the exact same thing that is in a novel. Many times the answers to the problems of the person can be shown in the story or through the characters. To me, John Steinbeck’s, The Pearl, doesn’t really relate to me or my lifestyle in many ways. However, there are a couple of things I found that were similar in my lifestyle. I wake up every morning and strive to reach the best I can be. I go to school, work hard, and try to reach my best in all that I do. I have found this to be similar to Kino. Kino wakes up every morning and tries to give his family everything possible. He works very hard in finding his pearls and always tries to look for the best in his family. However, when Kino found the pearl and after many tries of getting rid of it, his life turned upside down. Juanita warned Kino many times, but he didn’t listen. Kino encountered many hardships including his son’s death, his house burning to ashes, and his family falling apart. From this, I have learned that when a person finds something that he think can bring something good into a family, he might be wrong because it might actually destroy his family and his life. Clearly, family relationships are very important and in this case, Kino was too late and realized this after his son Coyotito died. Unlike The Pearl, I found that I can r... ... middle of paper ... ...s life. Silas decided to raise Eppie as his own daughter and she turned out to be quite an extraordinary young girl. Silas was convinced that Eppie took the place of the lost gold because she was more important. If you are patient after a loss, hopefully, something better will be given to you. Love is something that is unconditional and unlimited. If you search and you are patient, it will come to you right through your door. Obviously, this was demonstrated when Eppie found Silas’s home. In conclusion, I have learned many things from reading these three novels. I have also found that I could really connect to the characters and some more than others. Whether it’s through love, friendship, trust, or family, I believe everybody could somehow relate to the novel they are reading. In this case, there three novels connected rather well with my personal life.

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