Thomas Weelke's As Vesta Was Descending By Thomas Weelkes

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This piece is called As Vesta was Descending, composed by English composer Thomas Weelkes. He was best known for his madrigals and church music. The madrigals first started in Italy in 1520, it was at this time that Italian poetry became very popular. Madrigals were composed to illustrate the words through the use of word painting. Madrigals were a secular vocal work which included anywhere from 3-8 voices and they were usually sung a cappella. Work painting is defined as the musical pictorialization of words from the text as an expressive device. ( Not much is known about the early stages of Weelke’s life but many of his madrigals have survived. Thomas Weelkes was the organist at Winchester College till he was fired for being intoxicated frequently then went on to be the organist at Chichester Cathedral. Weelkes was very well known for his impressive madrigals, anthems, and all the music that he composed for the Church of England. Weelkes’s madrigals are still used today in Christian services; the one being...

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