Thinking Scientifically to Find the Truth

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Thinking Scientifically to Find the Truth

Humanity has been searching for the truth since the beginning of time. This search has produced many things like science, which has greatly advanced the cause that created it. There are many inherent problems in science, and it is not necessary to think scientifically in order to find the truth. There are many types of truth, but the most fascinating one is absolute truth. The basics elements of science, however, make it almost impossible for science alone to find this kind of truth. There are many other tools at our disposal that can be used along with science and the scientific method in the search for the ultimate truth.

In talking about truth and the search for it, we must first define what truth is, what makes something true, and the distinction between what is true, and the "truth". "What is truth?" has been an important question asked by many philosophers throughout history, and there are many ways of looking at it. Truth can be described as the quality of being true, and anything that is true is a truth. Thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and opinions are said to be true or false. An idea makes a truth claim and is true when the character of what is thought about upholds its claim. Truth can be a relative term, since men create words and the words create the truth. It can also be very subjective, since different people look at things differently. Take for example a mad scientist who wants to get revenge on all the people that laughed at his approach at finding the truth. He somehow manages to contaminate all the water in the world, and everyone that drinks it hallucinates about flying saucers. Everyone will believe that they saw a flying saucer, that it is true that it ex...

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... are both looking for the same thing.

The search for the absolute and unchanging truth has been one of the most important driving forces behind human advancement. Science is an outgrowth of this, and has recently been one of the largest influences in this search. The scientific method is good in many ways since it is very objective and is based on facts and empirical data. At the same time, it is limited by the things it is based because if these basic assumptions are false, then the whole theory and method can gravely mislead us. Of course there are many other ways of thinking and searching for the truth, and maybe a combination of these will eventually lead us to the ultimate truth. We may never be able to find or comprehend the basic truths of the universe, if they exist at all, or we may have already found the ultimate truth, but just don't know it yet.
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