Thin is Beautiful

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How many times have you looked in a magazine and envied the models pictured? Have you ever watched a TV show or a movie and wished you looked like one of the stars? Many teenage girls are often targeted by magazines, movies, and TV and are made to believe that “thin is beautiful”. The media has negatively affected teenage girls’ self-image. From sit-coms to magazines, thin, beautiful girls can be spotted, and this can cause a girl to feel that she is not thin enough to be accepted by society.

Many shows on TV can cause a teenage girl’s self-image to be a very negative one; that she is too fat. Sit-coms are examples of this. On the hit TV show “Friends”, there are three thin, beautiful girls starring in it, who wear skimpy, stylish clothes, have beautiful hair, and always look gorgeous. In a few episodes, there are flashbacks to when Monica, one of the characters on the show, was in high school and was a little bit overweight. Monica’s friends on the show make fun of her because she was much heavier than she currently is. Surely, any girl who is slightly heavier will feel negative about her image because the “popular” and “cool” characters on the show are making fun of her weight. Most any other sit-com has the same gorgeous style of women. On Will & Grace for example, the star playing Grace has a beautiful slim body and flaunts it from time to time. On Dharma and Greg, the star also has a thin body and wears smaller clothes as well. Search mostly any sit-com and surely,...

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