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HOW TO HAVE AND MAINTAIN HAIR THICKNESS Would like to have thick hair? Every person in this world has different hair types depending on either their genetic nature. Some people are usually born with thick hair while others are born with thin hair. Factors like aging, the environment that you are in, your level of stress and many other factors can cause you hair to fall out. Since most of the people love having thick hair, those unfortunate people with thin hair work towards hair thickness. There are many strategies that can be used by this people who have thin hair in order to get thick hair. Though, thinning hair is not avoidable entirely. Below are various ways that will help you afford thick hair from thin hair. A. HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR …show more content…

Some people fortunate not to be affected by chemicals that are found in hair product, but if you are worried about having thin air, just try to avoid these chemicals. Avoid washing your hair daily. This is because our scalp usually produces natural oils that are essential for coating the hair and protecting it from any damage outside. In case you wash your hair every day, then you wash away these oils every day and eventually your hair becomes weaker in time. You should use oils that are essential to help thicken your thin hair. Examples of these essential oils are lavender, cedar wood, rosemary, almond oil, thyme, Indian gooseberry oil, coconut oil and many more types of oil help to thicken your hair follicles. Always treat your hair in a gentle way so as to decrease loss of hair. You should use a comb that is wide-toothed instead of using a brush. You should try to avoid tools that are heat styling. Use curling irons, blow dryers and straight irons sparingly because overusing these heated hair appliances normally make your hair to become dry and brittle. Allow you hair to grow in its own natural color and

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