Themes In Malcolm X

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Malcolm X was one of the most interesting and key figures of the 20th century civil rights movement along with MLK. However, unlike MLK he was seen as the peaceful way of dealing with the racism and segregation in the United States of America Malcolm X was seen as the Militant style to the way to equality. He would become a key member in the Nation of Islam eventually becoming one of its key figures. This would led to Malcolm X basically becoming the spokesperson of the Nation of Islam’s message for the African American civil rights movement. With his mentor as their actual leader who embedded his own ideals into Malcolm X throughout his life. Eventually later in his career becoming less so the more he got closer to the end of his short life.…show more content…
What this autobiography also has and does is raise questions on the themes of gender, color, race, religion, and socioeconomic classes in his time and now. These are the themes from the novel that interest me the most some that I agree with and other that are a little more unsavory. Malcolm X dealt with race from a very young age and not from white people, as many people would guess, but by his own family. Out of the many children the Malcolm’s parents had he points out in the book that he was the lightest skinned child out of all of them, and while he seems to describe a favoritism from his father. While he describes his mother as always being haunted by him because since he was so light skinned she believed that this was due to her mother being raped by a white man, and Malcolm served as a reminder of this event to her. As he continues to describe his young life he learns more about his world and especially about racism and goes into detail about how his house got burned down twice and also how his father was murder, and how his life insurance company refused to pay for his fathers death. When his mother is admitted to a
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