Themes In Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis?

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How a man writes reflects what he is. In the novella “The Metamorphosis”, Franz Kafka, the author allowed us a glimpse of himself. In his novella, he wrote about Gregor Samsa, a fictional character, a travelling salesman who wakes up one day to only find himself as a gargantuan cockroach. When his family and the deputy director discover his “transformation” at first, his world became even dimmer than it was already. He is mistreated and seen as a burden to his family, to the point where they were plotting of rid themselves of Gregor; only to find him dead. There is always a coded meaning in a story and this story is no different. In the Metamorphosis there are two themes that could be utilized to show its true meaning and those are, “Hegemony”…show more content…
A cockroach a nocturnal insect, pest to humans, a German cockroach when left in isolation is said to keep cocooning in its shelter, interacting less with its kind and was less inclined to interact with potential female mates; all too familiar to Khafa’s real life. F. Kafka had a troublesome life. Franz Kafka, a man in his days that felt nothing but isolation, fear and inferiority. His main conflicts were with that of himself and his father’s. F. Kafka was constantly tormented by his own thoughts, thoughts that he was incompetent and ignominious. These thoughts did not arrive on their own or due to his isolation from his occupied parents but were that of his father’s putting. F Kafka and his father had nothing near a father/son relationship and Franz found himself fighting for his father’s approval in which he portrayed in this novella. In the Metamorphosis, F. Kafka portrays the poor relation of Gregor and his father. From his father’s discovery of his metamorphosis and him chasing his son, Gregor harshly away - at the time where Gregor had frightened his mother by the mere sight of himself, when she was assisting his sister to rearrange the furniture; and his father after hearing the…show more content…
If you were to apply Gregor’s sense of inferiority you could see how much it is related to your life or every other person. We are only truly valued when we are that of use to others; the moment we become incapable of providing other wants we become incompetent or the moment there is someone better than us we become inferior. It only show us how much of a systematic life we’re living, bounded by the idea of Hegemony and Structure where power rules man and the distribution of power keeps the world into the system, where the fittest survive. In the metamorphosis Gregor’s life is lived though the soul of others. He his govern by the authority of his father and it is what keeps him inline. If it weren’t for the power of Gregor’s father bounding Gregor to abandon his life aspiration and provide for his family who would have provided for the family all these time? It was only when Gregor became incapable of providing did his father and sister took the responsibility of guarding the family. Gregor was sadly only a stepping-stone; his metamorphosis had only led the family to realize what they are capable of doing for themselves. This shows how much connected we all are and how much we live our lives for others. If there were no social structure and hegemony there would be corruption. If it weren’t for authority figures, who would make decisions to give justice? If it
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