Theme Of Victor Frankenstein

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Two very different characters in the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley shows deep irony in their exerts and life during the novel. Reading thoroughly through the situational irony in the passages from both Victor Frankenstein and the Creature, Victor represents the allusion of the Fallen Angel. Both characters experience drastic life events and downfalls which then leads to poor decisions affecting other characters in the novel. In Victor Frankenstein 's exert, Victor expected so much from the knowledge he had and he thought that he had a gift and was going to use it for the greater good and to help others. It turns out that Victor feels like he has been cursed. Victor created a creature with his exceptional knowledge, but unfortunately,
The Creature was suppose to be the "look at" of the town; he was a creation from pure knowledge and dedication. Instead, he was a hideous creature who people were afraid of. Since civilians were afraid of the Creature, they treated him very poorly and with such disrespect all because of the way he looked. The Creature technically started out as a child being re-born and learning life as he goes along so he had no clue about the world when he stepped foot outside of Victor 's apartment. The Creature was not the "hot shot" of the town, he was just the run-away-from guy. In chapter 11 when the creature found that old hut and went in, the old man inside became afraid of the creature and instantly ran away. This shoes how hideous the creature is because he actually scared away an elderly man. This creature is definitely no "awe" of the town, he is just a nightmare for civilians to encounter in real life. Besides the old man running away, in chapter 15, the Creature went into the cottage in hopes of making blind De Lacey see past his ugliness and emerge into his sensitive personality. Unexpectedly, Felix, Safie, and Agatha come back home and Felix aggressively directs the Creature out of the cottage. When the Creature finally had a chance to prove his heart warming and sensitive personality, a very judgemental individual
Victor came from a great family and ended up with nothing later in his life. Victor started off as many would like to; filled with knowledge and an affectionate personality, but his mind took over and everything started to go downhill. Victor had the capabilities of recreating life with old bones and some chemical formulas and that is just what he did. Victor created a living organism. Although Victor dedicated all his living time and energy into making this creature and once he was finished, something bad happened. Victor was completely afraid of his creation he did not even want to go near it. Victor abandoned the Creature for years and that creature did a whole lot. The Creature was so furious with Victor he killed Victor 's brother, best friend, and wife. The creature was tired of being treated poorly from human beings because of what he looked like so he took revenge on Victor for creating him. In this case, Victor 's reputation and whole life had fallen from heaven to hell. The people who Victor loved and cared for significantly are gone all due to the Creature 's behaviour. Victor went from being an enlightened individual to ending up lost on a boat, then dying, in search for the Creature to have it gone for good. Although the Creature is tragic, he is not as tragic as Victor
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