Theme Of Human Life In Waiting For Godot

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The purpose of Human life in ‘Waiting for Godot’ by Samuel Beckett
The purpose of human life is a challenging question to answer. It appears no viable to find the answer since people do not understand who to ask or where to search it. Existence appears to be a thing inflicted on human being by an unknown force. Moreover, there is no evident meaning to it, but certainly humans suffer because of it, and the world appears totally chaotic. As a result, people attempt to inflict meaning on it through fictional and pattern purposes to distract themselves from the point that their condition is desperately profound. The play, “Waiting for Godot,” expresses this feeling and perspective of the world, and features it with prototypes that
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Therefore, there is a recurring, although vague, pattern to event within the world of ‘Waiting for Godot.’ Estragon and Vladimir come back to the same location daily so that they can wait of Godot and undergo similar common events with differences every time. However, nobody knows for what particular duration they have been doing this in the past, and for what duration they will go on to do it, but because in the play, time is meaningless, it is considered that the future, present, and past mean nothing. Basically, time is a mess. “One of the seemingly most stable of the patterns that give shape to experience, and one of the most disturbing to see crumble, is that of time” (Stevens,…show more content…
All through the play, Estragon and Vladimir stay foolishly cheery and search for distraction in meaningless activities. By carrying out this, they become more comical that provides the play its amusing component. “The positive attitude of the two tramps thus amounts to a double negation: their inability to recognize the senselessness of their position” (Roerich, 2013, p.67). Estragon and Vladimir attempt to distract themselves from the never-ending waiting by making an argument over common issues, chatting with Lucky and Pozzo (again regarding the common issues), sleeping, and even considering a suicide. These all actions and behaviors are done with the aim of staying unaware of the point that they are making a wait for indistinct figure, in part, of their personal invention, which will never come. In this situation, they do not want to understand that their lives are meaningless. These actions and behaviors represent insignificant distractions of humanity. Basically, humans do not have something to do, but they only distract themselves from their conditions. “...while, in the case of Vladimir and Estragon, it is just the incessant attempt to make time pass which is so characteristic, and which reflects the specific misery and absurdity of their life” (Manley, 2013, p.51), Estragon and Vladimir’s efforts at distraction are efforts to just make time pass, which they intend to make them closer to the time in which Godot will
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