Theme Of Evil In Frankenstein

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Frankenstein the True Evil

The concept of evil is often disputed between people. What really makes someone evil. Is someone born into it, or does one choose to be evil. The term evil is mostly used to describe a specific set of actions in which someone or something is responsible that another person disagrees with. In Frankenstein, the real monster is Victor due to his irresponsibility as a parent and his cruel actions towards his monster.

Victor Frankenstein first shows his irresponsibility when he is making the monster. “Frankenstein, who throughout the creation process, works himself into a frenzy of hatred for the monster, abandons the monster upon his first awakening” (Lancaster). Victor Frankenstein hated the monster even before it was alive. “I escaped, and rushed down stairs. I took refuge in the courtyard…fearing each sound as if it were to announce the approach of the demoniacal corpse to which I was so miserably given life” (Shelley). Once the monster was awake Victor Frankenstein was so repulsed by the monsters appearance that he leaves it in the dead of night. As a parent, you are supposed to love your child unconditionally. Victor Frankenstein was shocked at how his creation turned out, that he denied the monster love and a parent.

Although most people believe that the monster is the evil figure in the story, the true monster is actually his creator, Victor Frankenstein. The thing about the monster is that it was created with a pure mind but it ended up taking on the inner evil of Victor. The thought that is being shown throughout the story is that the monster is created as “Victor’s double, and that the evil he commits is Victor’s evil” (Soyka 2). Victor Frankenstein created the monster out of hope ...

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...and accept the natural bond created. “Victor’s personality is imparted to his creation in much the same way as God creates man in His own image”(Soyka 2). Victor Frankenstein wants it to be the monster that is evil but it is him who is the one who is truly evil.
Evil can take the form of many different things. In Frankenstein, there is really only one evil monster. The monster is Victor Frankenstein. The monster that he creates is nothing more than a misguided child abandoned and rejected by his father and the rest of the world around him. His actions are caused by Victors lack of parenting and compassion towards his son. Compassion and unconditional love is all that the monster tries to get, yet his own father neglects to even look at him in any way other than hatred and disgust. The monster is nothing more than a reflection of Victors evil. Like father like son.
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