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The movie Coach Carter is a drama sports film about the game of basketball that was made in the year 2005. This movie identified themes such as commitment, teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship, education, work ethics and life skills.
The main characters in the movie are Coach Ken Carter, a graduate to the team he is coaching in the movie the Richmond Oilers. He is a very determined, strict and persistent coach that only has the player’s best interest at heart, not only on the court, but in the classroom as well. Kenyon Stone, a senior on the team, is also one of the best players. However, Kenyon is faced with a life altering decision when his girlfriend, Kyra gets pregnant. Kenyon is forced to make a difficult decision about the pregnancy as he and Kyra prepare to go off to college. Damien Carter, the son of Coach Ken Carter, originally played for the power house school of the area, Saint Francis. He made a personal decision to transfer to Richmond so he could play for his father as he had done earlier in his entire life. Since Damien was a freshman, he had to prove himself to the team. Damien proved himself as a valuable team member and made major contributions to the team’s successful season.
Junior Battle was the best player on the team and led them in scoring and rebounds. However, he struggled off the court and failed to get his schoolwork done. Junior’s struggles with his schoolwork caused problems between him and his coach. Nevertheless this problem was quickly resolved due to his mother, Ms. Willow Battle, love and compassion for her son. Ms. Battle pleaded with the coach to keep Junior on the team so she would not lose her second son to the streets.
Jason Lyles was one of the toughest players on the team, but had to d...

... middle of paper ... rivals, Saint Francis, the number one seed in the playoffs. They played them the best they could, but would end up losing to them by two points at the buzzer, as the All American, Ty Crane, hit the game winning three pointer. Coach Carter’s team was heartbroken after the loss because they had done everything possible to get the victory. After this heartbreaker, Coach Carter comes in to give a speech that uplifts the players. Coach Carter ended his speech with this quote, “I came here to coach basketball players, and you became students. I came here to coach boys and you became men.” This movie had a great purpose that should be implemented into more athletes’ lives to help them in life. I rate this movie as a 5 because it was very inspirational to me. Being a former athlete, I think I would have learned some valuable life lessons from a coach like Coach Carter.

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