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In his article “The Failure of Multiculturalism”, Kenan Malik uses the diverse European culture to study and explain the irony of multiculturalism. He defines multiculturalism as “the embrace of an inclusive, diverse society” (Malik 21). Integration between cultures is practically inevitable, but several nations view this as a threat towards upholding their culture. Due to this, many countries have made attempts at properly integrating new people and ideas while trying to prevent the degradation of their own. This can result in unjust regulations and the reverse effect of an intended multicultural society. Multiculturalism has become a way for nations to implement foreigners into their lives; however, Malik believes that countries are taking the wrong approach. The way that multiculturalism is currently being implemented, allows foreigners to be included in society, but often bundles them together amongst themselves instead of interspersing them within civil society. Multiculturalism has a close resemblance to the ruling in the “Plessy v. Ferguson” case where certain minorities are stated as having conditions that are “separate but equal” when equality really is not the case at all. This causes multiculturalism to create perforated boundaries within society. There is a constant struggle in finding the right balance between integrating newcomers, and still allowing them to practice their own beliefs and customs. It would be nice to allow people to adhere to their own styles, but doing that excludes them from the already existing nation’s practices. On the other hand, requiring immigrants to completely conform to society, will result in taking away all of their beliefs. According to Malik, “‘multicultural’ has come to define both... ... middle of paper ... ...tter what, has a different story, and we are all able to accept it and learn from it. His second suggestion is that “Europe should distinguish colorblindness from blindness to racism” (32); this advice highlights the fact that color and race are two different things that should be treated differently. Lastly Malik suggests that people and values should be differentiated. This way, people can be judged for who they really are. The struggle is the need for people to hold on to the values that they and their ancestors have grown up with, while still being able to evolve into a more progressive lifestyle. Malik believes that in order for that type of lifestyle to be obtained, people/society themselves much change. This way, having to find that confusing balance, can be a thing of the past, and the world will hopefully be a bit more loving and accepting of each other.

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