The lord of flies symbolism

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The fascinating novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding tells an amazing survival story. These boys must learn to come together to survive. This books does not just tell a story, but holds marvelous symbols. Through the symbols we are able to comprehend the story. The symbols include: The island, the conch, Piggy, Simon, the ‘beast’’, and The Lord of the Flies.
The first symbol that is very vital to this story is the island. The island can be viewed as the Garden of Eden. It is sterile prior the boys ‘arriving’’, then becomes contaminated once they are there. In the island there is a beach and the scar where the plane had crashed. a great description of the beach is a quote from the book, “But this is a good island”. From the beginning of the story the boys will begin to think that island is good, then soon realize they where wrong.
Another great symbol mentioned a lot in this story is the conch. The conch symbolizes authority, rules, and democracy. It is considered a talisman, Ralph uses the conch for people to speak and to gather up the boys. A great description of what it loo...
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