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  • Savage Symbols

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    not the only way people communicate, since the dawn of time the universal language has been symbols. Symbols have always been a common bond across the world. People have been known to change and when they change symbols seem to change with them for better or worse. In the novel Lord of the flies by William Golding, he displays a creative way to exhibit how a symbol can change overtime. In this novel symbols like a conch, Piggy’s glasses, and Pig head change to be more of a major key to the boys. The

  • The Democratic Symbol

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    The Democratic Symbol The word “donkey” has come to have a negative connotation in today’s society. In Webster’s Handy College Dictionary, the definition for a donkey is “an ass” or “a stupid or obstinate person”. One would presume that with such a meaning, the Democratic Party, one of the main political parties in the United States, would not be associating itself with such a negative symbol. The first use of the “donkey” as the Democratic symbol occurred during Andrew Jackson’s run for

  • The Symbol of Ignorance

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    The Symbol of Ignorance Political emblems and logos can symbolize various things to various people. People see the same image but they do not look at it the same. To some, the representation may be positive, while to others it denotes a negative connotation. The National Rifle Association's emblem conveys ignorant ideologies. The National Rifle Association (NRA) founded in 1871 developed an icon that entails a n eagle grasping rifles in its feet while standing atop a shield painted like

  • The Mercury Symbol

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    The Mercury Symbol My mom’s former boyfriend Rick, now known as Andrea, became a woman over a decade ago. Andrea is a transgender person whom the Mercury symbol represents. For transgender people, the Mercury symbol stands for their personal inner striving to become the gender they feel they were meant to be, equality, and pride. Happily, Andrea and my mom have remained friends since she became a woman. For many people who cross the gender line, acceptance does not always come so easily.

  • The Symbol of the South

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    The Symbol of the South The battle flag of the South stands above the capitol building in Columbia, SC. It waves proudly, echoing the lives and blood of men who sacrificed everything they were, and everything they had for something they believed in. They fought valliantly and bravely to protect their homeland, and to gain independence of the Union. The flag stands there, not as a symbol of hate, racial inequality, or blood-thirsty war, but as a symbol reflecting the rich South and the men who

  • The Symbols of The Lottery

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    ends with a tradition, and the lottery winner gets stoned by the villagers. Shirley Jackson’s effective use of symbolism is reflected in the black box, stones, and stool. The first symbol Shirley Jackson uses effectively is the black box. The black box represents death in this story. In this story a black box was a symbol of a coffin, so when they are picking the paper out the black box they are pulling their fate out of a coffin. In the story is says,” When he arrived in the square, carrying the black

  • Symbol and Allegory

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    The use of symbol in poetry and in literature as a whole is commonplace because it is an outlet for the author’s creative psyche. A symbol is a creative use of metaphor, using a comparison but not just a direct comparison. The author attempts to achieve the effect that there is much more than just the reader’s initial reaction creating a want to delve deeper into the true meaning, leaving a vast space of interpretation. Allegory on the other hand is a specific comparison, a symbol that is set in

  • Symbol Of America

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    to bring in a new country that has lasted for centuries and for centuries to come. What other thing represents America better than the place of Independence Hall where America was actually born? There were many things that can also be seen as the symbol for America from such things as the President of the United States, to freedom, to the “American Dream”/ “the almighty dollar,” and so on.

  • Symbols of Evolution

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    Symbols of Evolution Two billion years ago two prokaryotes bumped into each other and formed the first multi-cellular organism. 65 million years ago an asteroid hit the earth and dinosaurs became extinct. Three days ago, in your notebook, you drew a mess of squiggles which to you represented Jackson Pollock's painting, Number 1, 1948. You wrote the word entropy on the upper left hand corner of the page. On the bottom right hand side you wrote, Creativity is based on randomness and chance.

  • Hieroglyphic Symbols

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    Hieroglyphic Symbols One of the many contributions that the Egyptian Empire gave modern society was the beginning of a complex alphabetic system. This system also set the foundation for the development of many other systems used by us today such as an accurate calendar and the mathematical formulas used by architects and doctors. The Egyptians named this system Hieroglyphic Symbols. Hieroglyphic comes from the Greek “hiero glyphica” which means “sacred carving”. Hieroglyphics were the first form