The Zodiac Killer

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The Zodiac Killer Works Cited Not Included In the late sixties and early seventies, California was haunted by dozens of unsolved murders. The offender remains unknown to this day. The murderer, who referred to himself as "the Zodiac," made contact with the police and area newspapers throughout his reign of terror through a series of menacing notes. Although the police were never able to apprehend Zodiac, they were able to gather information about him via the letters. Zodiac boasted of killing up to forty victims, however, police estimated he may have killed over 50. Due to the nature of Zodiac's letters and from witnesses police have a good idea of what Zodiac is like even though he remains at large. Given what is known about serial killers in general, and Zodiac in particular, authorities estimate he was born between 1938 and 1943, making him in his mid-twenties to early thirties at the time of his first murder in 1966. The estimation is also supported by witness statements. It is common for serial killers to first begin his career around this age. (Weis) Zodiac was believed to be a stocky man, but not overweight. (Graysmith, 316) Multiple witnesses described him as having a "paunch" belly. He was a white male with light brown, curly hair, was of average height, and wore dark rimmed glasses held to his head with a black band. He was also reported to dress in a "military" fashion. He often wore a navy windbreaker and military issued "wing walker" boots. Most witnesses described him as calm and clean-cut. (Graysmith, 316) There have been many psychological profiles of Zodiac, perhaps because his true identity and motives have never been revealed. Graysmith, the author of the best selling novel Zodiac, also crea... ... middle of paper ... ...iminal in American history. After his last letter to the Chronicle in 1978 he was never heard from again. Although the case is still technically open, it receives little attention. Graysmith theorizes Zodiac may have been arrested for another crime, died in an accident, or even possible killed by an intended victim. (Graysmith, 303) He also may have committed suicide. However, the trouble with any of these speculations is that almost certainly evidence of his identity would have been found. he might have begun to feel guilt and remorse for his action. He may have simply stopped killing. When Zodiac started writing letters, he may have been fueled by the publicity he received. At the end of his career he received less and less publicity, maybe since the fame was dwindling so was his need to kill. The most frightening possibility is that he still may be killing.

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