The Writers Craft in Jane Eyre

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An Examination of the Writers Craft in Jane Eyre.

Jane Eyre was not merely a piece of 19th century fiction. It was a

prototype in so many different ways. Charlotte Bronte was a

revolutionary in the way she chose a female lead and the intimacy of

first person narration. What was more abnormal was the fact that

Charlotte Bronte was writing at all. During the period when she lived

it was almost unheard of for a woman to do anything other than get

married or become a governess!

Charlotte Bronte wrote Jane Eyre in 1847 and it was set roughly around

the same time. At the time this kind of novel was revolutionary for a

number of reasons. Firstly it was very unusual, almost unheard of for

a woman to write a novel. The style most commonly used during this

period was third person narration. It was new and innovative to use

first person narration. Jane Eyre could sometimes be hard to

understand because there was a constant conflict between whether the

novel is fiction or non-fiction. The genre was that of non-fiction but

the sub-title was ‘an autobiography’ You usually associate this with

factual writing. Charlotte Bronte has created a novel that was so

authentic it was almost real!

Jane Eyre told the story of an orphaned girl’s life. It began with

life living with her heartless aunt and cousins, then going to Lowood

School. It recounted her developing romance with Mr Rochester at

Thornfield and the discovery of his secret wife Burtha Mason. The

reader learnt of her subsequent flee to St. John Rivers, discovering

she was rich and finally she returned to be with Mr Rochester.

It was Charlotte Bronte’s unique use of first person narration that

made Jane Eyre so special. It allowed the reader to get a sense of

intimacy that you just can’t grasp from the typical third person


‘I am sure most people would have thought him an ugly man; yet there

was so much unconscious pride in his port’ (Chapter 14)

Charlotte Bronte used first person narration as a vehicle to allow

them to get to know Jane Eyre like she was a friend. She gave them her

honest opinion about all things, in this case her feelings towards Mr

Rochester. She contradicted peoples usual opinions on certain topics,

such as Mr Rochester. In a sense she was confessing secrets to the

reader, which lead the reader to feel privileged, as if they were her

confidants. I believe that Charlotte Bronte deliberately did this

skill to engage the reader in the novel, encouraging them to read on.
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