The Wired Connection Conundrum

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Would a life without friends be a life worth living? Desire, empathy, and most of all- connection are the quintessence of human interaction. Relationships provide this in return for a loyalty binding contract we base off of social terms. Question is- at which point does being “contract-less” impede our senses and how do the feelings that arise provoke the events we observe throughout Of Mice and Men? Commonly portrayed as human nature, characters reach beyond their confinements to alleviate their loneliness, particularly Crooks and Curley’s wife- both Solitude is impeccable; saying the aesthetics of such a controversial idea never fails to deliver. Among us there are those who strive to achieve solitude’s benign capabilities, and then there are those who find themselves deteriorating excruciatingly within self induced contractions of thought. Derived from the word “Monk” the word mon may seem familiar. Scavenge deeper, and those of us who may have a Latin based knowledge may see “Mono”. Monos, a Latin, Greek, and old French word implies: alone. Not all loneliness can be classified as that of monk’s (To promote advanced enlightenment), the mindset we observe exists on an instinctive echelon. As long as humans have existed, so has the yearning to belong. Despite this, somewhere along the lines of being lonely and achieving solitude, the bond has frayed- and a negative compound has dominated. This driving force remains a mystery, and as sections of society gradually fall prey another question arises: is this a societal transition or a malfunction within human thought? Loneliness has very polar like characteristics. Depending on the subject, the beholder will either be decimated by sheer loss of composure, or gain intuitive self knowl... ... middle of paper ... ...h others, Crooks abstained from any connection, which in turn benefited Crooks; whom the story favored towards the end. Loneliness became the product of social interference for the two, where lack of freedom is compromised by negative motives of society. Perhaps, the author is stressing how vital it is for humans to confide in those who share similar qualities. For both Crooks and Curley’s wife that was impossible- crook’s being the only black man and Curley’s wife as the only woman in her ranch. Naturally, when given the chance, they both demonstrated indirect behavior of instigating conversation. Whatever the personality of the sufferer (whether it be friendly or reclusive), loneliness is fostered through those who are the “odd ones out” in their community. The enforcer can be as reflective as the individual itself - or as large scale as the thresholds of society.

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