The War On Terror ( Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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During the 19th century, the War on Terror began a battle of moral controversy that has been translated into a modern issue with the development of technology. There have been many advancements within the realm of technology that have served as positive growth for the battlefield; however, there have been more costs associated with the use of such sciences. Drones are one prime example of such advancements of war, in that there are good aspects of less military lives lost and better surveillance, but many costs consisting of: a global battlefield, human rights issues, and target killing decisions that may cost civilian casualties. The use of drones or (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) in war is a new concept to many people. Drones were first introduced to the United States military in 2002 by the Bush Administration, with their first attack in Yemen . It was not until two years later in 2004, the Bush Administration developed an undercover drone program for the CIA. The mission for this program was to launch “personality attacks against an approved list of senior Al-Qaeda members.” By the end of the Bush Administration the program had launched a total of forty-five drone attacks. As Barack Obama stepped into office, the program broadened. The drone program now focuses their attacks not only on the senior Al-Qaeda members, but the lower level Taliban as well. Drones are a good addition to the American Military forces in several ways. Because drone’s do not carry humans on board, they are able to be flown in dangerous areas without risking the life of a pilot. Not only are drones safer, but they are able to shoot accurately at further distances than humans can. Some Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), can even fly for up to twenty-five hour... ... middle of paper ... is morally debated. Drones are powerful tools becoming more common in modern warfare. The U.S. has developed great technology and science to aid in war efforts. Drones are beneficial in that they are flown without a live pilot on board, making it safer for American soldiers. Drones can also fly for an entire day and gather critical surveillance footage. The negative aspects of drone use in the War on Terror have caused great moral dilemmas, however. Because the War on Terror is a global battlefield it causes great concern about boundaries of war strikes. There have also been great debate about the issue of human rights of those being targeted by drones, and the mass amounts of civilian casualties. Just as with any new piece of technology there are good aspects and bad. It appears that for many Americans, the use of drones in war falls heavier on the negative side.
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