The Use of Technology in Both the Training Methods and Training Environment of Elite Athletes in Global Sport

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The Use of Technology in Both the Training Methods and Training Environment of Elite Athletes in Global Sport

Technology is used to help advance elite athletes, by achieving the

maximum for the individuals needs. Both with the training methods and

environments technology is being used more and more, for example

simulated competition environments.

Although such technology is becoming increasingly popular with elite

athletes, the provision of it depends very much on how much money is

at the athlete’s disposal. This could be personal/family wealth or

funding provided by a third party, such as lottery funding or

government funding.

There may be such cases where the athlete is part of a national team

that train in a sporting institute where all the technology is

provided for them and the sporting institute is funded governmentally.

From what I gather this tends to be the case due to the fact that it

is cheaper to concentrate expensive technology in a sporting

institute, and open up the training facility to the governing bodies

of each individual sport. This involves the governing bodies paying a

reduced fee, or nothing, depending on the governmental or lottery

funding situation for both the governing bodies and the sporting


Along with creating a national training centre for various sports to

provide training facilities that aren’t normally available to most

athletes for financial reasons, these sporting institutes can also

replicate many atmospheres, such as a competition atmosphere, which is

very important part of training for athletes to aid them with the

preparation for the pressures that they will have to deal wit...

... middle of paper ...

...e to his job correctly he must have such

things a ultrasonic/ultrasound machines for deep tissue therapy, and

electromyography equipment to analyse muscle activity. This shows that

even the team that follow an athlete/s around for medical support at

competitions need to use technology to be able to do their job.

This shows that in modern day global sport it isn’t possible to

compete at an elite level without all these forms of technology that

have been introduced over the course of time, because if there are

people using this high level of technological advancement within a

sport then others have to use it to be able to keep up, otherwise they

will be over taken. This is because the ones using the facilities will

know more about their own personal needs and be able to provide them,

hence increasing their performance.
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