The Use a Streamlined, Systematic Methodology to Design or Upgrade a Network

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The key to a successful project is to have a methodical approach which not only outlines the process but the manner in which the process should be carried out, this will result into streamlining the process hence reducing the delivery time, increase the value of the end result and make the project effective.

(Oppenheimer, 2004) explains networks that are created with complexity most of the time do not perform as they are supposed, are not scalable and do not match the requirements. Therefore suggests the solution to this problem is to use a streamlined, systematic methodology to design or upgrade a network.


The research project was carried out to address the following question

“Analysis and design of data network infrastructure, for MaltHouse engineering” in order to address the question in more detail the problem domain was broken down into smaller addressable questions as outlined below:

• Analyse the existing network features, performance and capabilities.

• Evaluate critical technology, applications and services.

• Specify and outline current-term, near-term and long-term design solution, depending on requirements, applications and business processes.

• Design and implement or recommend a solution that is reliable, secured and scalable, incorporating best practices of network infrastructure design that provides companies with a guideline to operate in and invest in modern network technology.


The research work was based on MaltHouse Engineering Ltd, permission to conduct the study at MaltHouse was agreed upon as part of the knowledge transfer partnership programme, where the network of the said company has to be assessed and its capabilities, improvements ...

... middle of paper ... as The bottom up approach may not consider all the necessary applications and services, which may lead into the design not, meeting the needs, which may lead it to be redesigned.


The recommend design was implemented partially at MaltHouse engineering and tested, as well as monitored during operational phase. A proof of concept model was implemented in a lab environment to implement, test and monitor the entire the recommended design.


In summary the iterative methodology is usually better for new concepts and the waterfall methodology is good for implementing changes to existing systems or designing large scale systems, where prototypes have already been used for proof of concept, PPDIOO methodology gave the required structure, which influenced the project output and completion, as well as addressing the research problem.
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