The Unfairness of the Electoral College

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Established in Article II of the Constitution, the Electoral College was created as a compromise between those who wanted the people to elect the President and those who wanted Congress to elect the President. This system calls for the people to vote for electors who would then in turn vote to determine who gets the presidency. These electors would be chosen by each state party committee, and they would equal the number of Senators and Representatives each state has (Document 2). In the late 1700s, Alexander Hamilton, a man involved in the creation of the Constitution and the Federalist Papers, argued that this would be a good idea and was in favor of it because he believed it was better for educated citizens to vote for the most powerful man in the country as opposed to the common man (Document 1). Despite his reasoning, the Electoral College has a big problem. The Electoral College is actually not fair and equitable to elect the President because it does not accurately represent the people, does not follow the will of the people, and only supports the two major political parties.
The Electoral College is unfair since it does not represent the people fairly. For example, Wyoming is guaranteed three electoral votes because of its three representatives in Washington. That means that its population gets divided into the three electoral votes so that every group of 134,783 residents gets one electoral vote. On the other hand, California has 55 electoral votes so that every group of 410,647 residents gets one electoral vote. That means that each person in California gets 1/410,647 of an electoral vote. That is significantly smaller than a resident of Wyoming who gets 1/134,783 of an electoral vote (Document 4). Because of the diffe...

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... get any electoral votes needed to reach 270 electoral votes, which makes it extremely hard for them to win the presidency. This is unfair since third-party candidates have a harder time to get enough electoral votes.
As shown by the examples outlined in the essay, the Electoral College is not a fair and equitable way to elect the President. It allows a presidential candidate win the presidency by receiving a majority of electoral votes instead of a majority of popular votes. That is because some people’s votes are worth more than others. Even though the Electoral College system is in place since the birth of this nation, it is severely outdated because of it is not fair. In fact, there is already talk about abolishing this system because of these reasons and with petitions already made to try to get rid of it, the Electoral College’s downfall might not be far off.

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