The Truman Doctrine: The Effects Of The Cold War After The Cold War

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In the United Stares, a President compromises a Presidential doctrine with key goals, attitudes, and/or stances for the United States foreign affairs outlines. A lot of the Presidential doctrines came after the cold war and a lot of the doctrines are passed upon the Soviet Union, which was trying to become an independent super power country. The global events of the Cold War started for the Soviet Union right after World War II, in which the Soviets quickly began breaking the agreements made at the 1945 Yalta conference. Instead of holding a free, democratic election in East Europe, the Soviet Union installed a Communist regime in Moscow. The global events during the Cold War which helped and lead to the formation of the Truman Doctrine were,…show more content…
Some effects of the Truman Doctrine have had a lot of impact on regional and global affairs since being announced in the Cold War. For Starters Greece and Turkey were saved from the communist Soviet Union, Truman wanted to prevent communism from leaving and spreading outside of the Soviet Union. Truman doctrine would rather have one country with communism then two more countries being invaded into by communist rebels. President Harry S. Truman told Congress that "it must be the policy of the United States to support free people who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures.” and for year Great Britain supported Greece, but were now near bankruptcy and were forced to slowly withdraw troops. And in 1947, Britain asked United States to take over it role in supporting Greece government. And the policy won the support of the republicans who controlled congress, and had them send $400 million dollars to Greece and Turkey, but no military forces to the region. The effects of this action were successful because both Turkey and Greece joined NATO in 1952, a military alliance that guaranteed their protection. This lead to the Truman Doctrine being the basis of American Cold War policy throughout all of Europe and across the whole world as
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