The Trouble with Stereotyping

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The Trouble with Stereotyping The world has hit a brick wall in human development. People have created a giant system that categorizes people and groups into classes. These classes are then broken down into subdivisions for people’s placement in the world, and everyone’s eyes. Stereotyping has become so prevalent in every persons thoughts that we now base everything we do on it. We base business, home, and social life on a stereotypical view that doesn’t need to be present in life. In “Don’t Let Stereotypes Warp Your Judgments,” Robert Heilbroner states that, “Stereotyping is one way in which we ‘define’ the world in order to see it.” This statement proposes points that people don’t just see people anymore, but the stereotype class they put them in. Stereotypes that appear in the business atmosphere are the most prevalent to see. Some of these typecasts are women in the workplace in certain jobs and the type of job they can accomplish or gain with their level of schooling completed. Women are not stereotypically recognized by men to hold high positions in a company. Women could have the same capabilities and maybe even higher qualifications than a man going for the same position, but men label women to be less qualified and have less of a reputation in order to be head of a company. However, this is not true. We need to eliminate the labeling of women. I believe that people’s education should and have no bearing on what everyone can accomplish in a w...

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