The Transportation Security Administration

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The Transportation Security Administration, more commonly known as TSA, is a part of the United States Department of homeland Security that supervises and manages the safety of travelers in the United States. Unlike other government operated tasks forces such as the military or FBI who has been in existence for an extended period of time, the TSA was only recently founded twelve years ago in 2001 after the devastating terroristic attack that took place in New York city’s twin towers earlier that year. There are more than forty eight thousand people employed by the TSA in airports, bus stations, railroads and freeways across every state, but you may never realize when they are nearby. Some have the typical security duties of checking bags, using different sorts of metal detectors to expose any weapons and using the assistance of trained dogs who smell for hidden drugs and illegal substances. Others employees work as undercover agents, constantly, observing travelers body language and mannerisms in an effort to pinpoint a potential dangerous person. Operating a large detailed security like this is very beneficial and comforting to many Americans who fret of being in danger while traveling, however not all agree with the new policies and procedures brought on by the TSA. Many felt as if the procedures were a definite violation of one’s privacy, which raised a controversial concern that spread nationwide, to what extent should the operations of the Transportation Security Administration be extended? With machines that can now scan trough a person’s clothes, completely exposing their body to be seen by TSA security is a bit extreme in my opinion. With the ever evolving ideas people come up with to manipulate law enforcement, I comple... ... middle of paper ... access to our pictures, Apple IPhones scanning our fingerprint there is a violation of some form of privacy almost everywhere we turn. It cannot be fully stopped, avoided or resolved, but becoming fully aware of your surroundings and updated with current changes in your community can definitely give you an upper and on knowing how to avoid falling victim to ignorance. As stated in the Fourth Amendment, our rite to be secure and ability to avoid unreasonable searches and seizures should not be violated without probable cause. All of our ancestors fought long and hard, lived through troubling times of discrimination for us to be in tis generation of freedom. Hopefully advancement and trust in technology will not replace the accountability and respect for human rights that should be found in the morals of those managing the TSAs policies, procedures and guidelines.
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