The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

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The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, a play that contains much controversy

around the issue ‘who is to blame for the deaths?’ In this world we

are always so willing to place the blame with one person but in this

play, when you look deeper into the language and meanings, it becomes

clear that there are a variety of people, and indeed things, that can

be blamed. In this essay I be will reporting on each person or thing

that has affected the tragedy.

Romeo and Juliet themselves are often blamed for their deaths. They

are physically responsible, as they themselves both committed suicide.

It was Romeo’s fault as he purchased the poison, which he drank to

die, and Juliet’s fault as she stabbed herself. However, away from the

physical factors there are many views as to why the couple felt they

had no other way to be together. Being young, headstrong and

passionate the couple appeared to be emotionally attached and in love.

This is one influence in their downfall. Had they never fallen in

love, the deaths would not have occurred. After all, the play does

take place over a five day period and in that time they meet, fall in

love, get married, get separated and commit suicide. We know that they

were impulsive, due to the hastiness of their marriage: ‘If that thy

bent of love be honourable, Thy purpose marriage, send me word

tomorrow’. Bearing in mind that this quote is taken from their second

meeting it is clear to see that they were rash. Juliet is unaware of

Romeo’s uncertainty in love but the audience know about his earlier

obsession with Rosaline. This suggests that Juliet is foolish as she

rushes into the relationship without getting to know him properly, but

also indicates her naivety and youth. It is also a good demonstration

of how Romeo is both hasty and unpredictable in love.

Another example of when Romeo is rash is when he kills Tybalt because

Tybalt slayed Mercutio. ‘O, I am fortunes fool’, can be looked at in

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