Romeo And Juliet Analysis

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Love and betrayal, innocent lives were lost, and the ultimate sacrifice. In the beginning of the play Romeo and Juliet, the two lovers are called “star-crossed lovers”. Shakespeare explains that it is fate, and it’s even one of the first things they say. Little things can change someone's life, such as how Friar Laurence stumbled through a graveyard he knew very well and missed Romeo by minutes. This leads on to that every small or big coincidence which is fate pulling the strings, so no matter what they will be “star-crossed lovers.” Fate plays a big role in The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, so much that it is the cause of all the deaths that had occurred.
Shakespeare points out that Romeo and Juliet are “star-crossed lovers” in the beginning
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Since they had two days till the wedding, Friar Laurence was going to write Romeo a letter about the plan and have it sent to him. He was going to create a sleeping potion that made Juliet look deceased, so that on her wedding day everyone thinks she is. Then, she would wake up and could be reunited with Romeo. Many things went wrong for this not to happen. First off, Lord Capulet changed the wedding to the next day, which threw the whole plan off. When Friar Laurence attempted to send the letter earlier it failed. The night before Juliet took the potion and the following morning she looked dead and fooled everyone. When Balthasar mistakenly told Romeo that Juliet had died, he believed it since he didn’t get the note. At this time, Romeo ended up being near the apothecary and convinced him in exchange for money to give him poison. Later on he ended up killing Paris who was just going to see Juliet. During all this, Friar Laurence went himself to tell Romeo she wasn’t dead and it was all part of a plan. He stumbled through a graveyard that he knew so well and had missed Romeo by minutes. “Romeo! O, pale! Who else?...” (V v 144) When he gets there he sees a dead Romeo and Juliet who had just woke up. He tells Juliet they have to go, she doesn’t listen, stays, and ends her life with the
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