The Tragedy of Macbeth

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In Shakespeare’s bloodiest tragedy, Macbeth, the protagonist Macbeth suffers from the tribulations of being an overbearing tyrant. Macbeth is afflicted by his hubristic personality, and not only victimizes himself but also radiates the agony to those around him. The suffering of Macbeth’s own people is a direct consequence of his tragic flaw of ambition, which leads to multiple misfortunate events; Macbeth’s tragic flaw, and the events that occur because of his destructive personality trait create the tragic vision of the work as a whole.
Macbeth is portrayed to be a tragic hero. A tragic hero is described as a character that is noble and possesses a tragic flaw, which ultimately leads to their demise. While it could be argued that Macbeth was not a tragic hero because of his lack of virtuousness, he does possess a tragic flaw that eventually destroys him. Macbeth’s actions amplify his flaw, and the theme that too much ambition is destructive.
The suffering of the people of Scotland is the result of Macbeth’s overbearing ambition.
Macbeth thrives off of his personal gains. His ...

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