The Three Main Stages Of Memory, And Long Term Memory?

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Do you ever wonder how our brains can remember so many things? Our minds are a lot like computers “we can draw on our past experiences in order to use this information in the present” (Sternberg, 1999). “Memory is a group of related mental processes that are involved inacquiring, storing, and retrieving information” (Psychology, page 228). “We have 3 main stages of memory our sensory memory, short- term memory, and long term memory.” I will be stating some interesting facts about each one. Beginning with our sensory memory, one of the facts I found from the book was that “The very brief time information is held in our sensory memory you “select,” or pay attention to, just a few aspects of all the environmental information that’sbeing registered …show more content…

Because you use your short term memory to actively to process conscious information in a variety of ways, short term memory is often referred to as working memory” by most scientist or psychologist. (Psychology, page 229). Short-term memory is accountable for “3 operationsIconic, which is the ability to store images, Acoustic, which is the ability to store sounds and Working Memory,which is the ability to store information until it’s use”. ( . Last but not least is our long term memory! This was one of my favorite types of memory to study because I have always wanted to learn how our minds work in this process of storing information for long term use. According to my book it states that “Long term memory is the stage of our memory that represents the long term storage of information that can last for …show more content…

Each one of these stages are also used in everyone’s lifetime, you can use these facts and continue research due to my references Some of these facts can be used and researched. Now with my studies on this information giving to me by my book and online resources. I know that each stage of memory serves a purpose in everyone’s life. I know now that with memories and even thoughts that some differ to certain people. I do believe that most memories in long term is a choice that one makes for themselves. Memories can also be a life altering aspect, such as building memory or losingmemory. One of the most interesting things that I found was the Alzheimer’s could not be cured but it could be treated with care from professionals. Now in my opinion I believe that more awareness of this disease and ways to prevent it should be given to our younger adults while they are still young enough to improve their minds. As a young adult I have heard about this disease but I have not been educated on it. I also now know that with all the drugs and treatments they have out in the world today nothing can cure this disease and we don’t know how to stop it or reduce it. We do know that with older age it can be triggered. All this information about our memory is so cool to me this section of the book has really gave me more knowledge about memory that I did not know before. With this paper I can also share to many of my collogueshow our memory works and how interesting it can

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