Memory: The Three Types Of Memory And Memory

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What is Memory Memory is the information we stored in our brain. There are three types of memory. First is the sensory memory is the shortest term of memory which only last less than a second, it is our ability to hold the information from our 5 senses after we the original stimulus is gone. Short term memory is the information we hold in our mind for a short period which is less than a minute. Long term memory is the information that store in our brain for a long period of time. There are two types of long term memory, which are explicit memory(conscious) and implicit memory(unconscious). Explicit memory is also known as declarative memory which are the memory of experience (episodic memory) and memory of facts (semantic memory). Implicit…show more content…
The people who have a good sleep habit can better memory. So what is the good amount time of sleep? Howard LeWine writed in the article “Too little sleep, and too much, affect memory” suggested that 7 hours of sleep each day may help us maintain our memory longer. This suggestion is a result from Elizabeth Devore 's study on over 15,000 old women. This study also suggests that a big change on the sleep time can also worse the memory function. From this study, the hours of sleep can have a great impact on my memorize ability, so I do an experiment to test the best sleep time for me to have most effective memory. I test my ability to memorize the poker card for different sleep time. The way I score my memory is to give two point for both number and the shape are correct, 0.5 point for only the number is correct and 0.154 point for only the shape is correct. I test my memory for sleep 6 hours, 7 to 8 hours, and 9 to 10 hours, for a total of 12 days. The result of my experiment is showed in the graphs…show more content…
Kendall Power state in his article “Hungry for better memory” that hungry can produce hormone ghrelin which can improve our memory. However, not everyone including me agree with this statement. Maybe the hungry can eventually improve our memory, but at most time our memory can get disrupt by hungry. The article “Affect of Hunger: The Brain” shows that hunger can delay our development of our cognitive, emotion and social level, it can also make us not able to focus and can even lower our IQ level. There are many negative effects with hunger, especially the disruption of our attention. Being focus is very important for us to memorize things, once our attention is being disrupt, our memory coding is get ruining, which means that when we recall the memory all the information will get mess up. This happened in some of my memory tests, for instance in one of my memory test I get disrupt by the things happened surround me I only scored 8 points, but when I get focus after a while and do another memory test I scored 21 points. From those experience, I know that attention have a lot of impact toward our

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